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PDF Protection Remover 4.0

Removes protection against editing, copy-pasting, printing from PDF documents
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PDF Protection Remover is a utility meant to help you decrypt .pdf files so that you can perform actions such as editing them, copying their content, printing them, and so on. A .pdf file that has been decrypted can be opened using any PDF viewer or editor. This piece of software is independent from Adobe Acrobat Reader, so you needn't have the latter installed for it to work.

The user interface is easy enough to use and the skin can be changed with no need to restart the program so that a skin modification is applied. PDF documents can be added to the list individually either by using the "Add" option or the drag-and-drop method and they can be processed in batch mode. Once you start the process of removing protection you can also stop it while it is in progress.

When it comes to removing protection from password-protected files, do not expect it that you will be able to open files whose password you do not know. Removing protection refers to the fact that with the use of this utility you can remove a password that you have set for a document by yourself . Therefore you will be asked to type the password so that you are allowed to add the concerned .pdf to the list of files whose protection should be removed. When typing the password, the characters will not be replaced with asterisks, so if anyone is behind you at that moment, they will know what password you had. Hopefully you haven't used it on all your documents and Internet accounts. However, the password will indeed be removed.

The results of the removing of protection process are not spectacular: pages may be lost compared with the initial document and the copy-paste procedure can be done, but the resulting text must be rearranged, as it will have unnecessary spaces in it.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can process several files in batch


  • Pages may be lost in comparison with the initial document.
  • When typing the password that you need to be removed from a document it will be readable, not obscured by asterisks or bullets
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